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BrattleWorks’ products are constructed of clear western red cedar, stainless steel fasteners and are available natural or with 100% acrylic
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Privacy Lattice  Historic 1"
square openings provide
plenty of privacy without
sacrificing elegance. Lattice
panels are laid-on joinery with
1" wide strips and are
approximately 5/8" at the joint.
Trellis Open Trellis provides
that classic garden look while
not restricing one's view. Trellis
is 1" x 1" sq. stock, 4" opening
using a half lap joinery, secured
with stainless steel fasteners,
and waterproof glue.
tongue & groove board
panels provide total privacy
and security. Solid Board is
constructed with 7/8" thick
boards with a "V" design
pattern on 3" centers.
Picket Our picket fencing is
derived from old New England
seaport homes. The pickets are
1 1/2" wide and 1" thick with a
gently discerned point. The
picket spacing of 2 3/8" gives the
panel a refined look that
changes with the angle of the
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