Since 1987
BrattleWorks Hand Crafted Garden Fencing
BrattleWorks has been hand crafting traditional garden fences, picket fences, garden arbors, gates, pergolas,
trellis, privacy lattices, and planter boxes throughout America's homes and gardens for over two decades.
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Garden Arbors are of an European open arch
design. Used for defining yard space, creating
entrances, or combine them together to create
a leafy tunneled walkway.
Gates can be used to define space, create
openings, or as a structure for vining plants.
They can also be used as a decorative focus
for your garden and property.
Pergolas create a shady area and a sense of
intimacy over a deck or patio. Pergolas are
excellent for climbers and vines.They are also
perfect entrances for walkways and gardens.
Garden Fences enhance your landscape
creating a little world within a world.
Designed to surround any number of places,
your garden fence will secure your gardens,
decks, patios, as well as family and private
areas of your property.
Obelisks and Garden Planters contribute an
unusual dimension to your property.Both are
used to enhance, support, and enable healthy
plant and climbing growth, but each adds that
final defining touch to your landscape.
A Picket Fence of historic design creates a
classic detail to enhance the front of your
home or garden.Our designs are based on
New England seaport homes.